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The die-cut shapes for Seasons, Events, Applications, Individuals, and Groups
Punkydoodles offers cut-outs in 3 sizes—small, large and super in various combinations.  You can choose from individual items, unit packs, theme combos, and project packs.  We also have specialty items that include index cards, flash cards, blank playing cards, door hangers, and class books.

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Punkydoodles come in 3 sizes

  • Small Punkydoodles - 2-3 inches in size; 31 in a package; $2.39/pkg.
  • Large Punkydoodles - 4 ½ to 5 ½ inches in size; 36 in a package; $3.99pkg
  • Super Punkydoodles - 8-10 inches; 12 in a package; $3.99/pkg.

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By phone 800-428-8688; 254-666-9108
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What kind of paper do you use?
Our paper is a smooth cover weight, between copy paper and card stock, that is strong, but pliable.

How do you ship, how long does it take, and how much does it cost?
Our shipping is with either UPS or USPS Parcel Select.  UPS is based on distance and weight and the maximum time from us is 5 days after shipping.  Parcel Select generally is a little cheaper, but may take longer.  

Punkydoodles Product List
a complete pdf file of all products with item numbers, colors and sizes

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- Die Cut Shapes…the paper manipulative
P.O.  Box 786  Hewitt, TX  76643  • Telephone:  800-428-8688 / 254-666-9108Fax:  800-557-8659 / 254-666-9126
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